‘Craft’ and ‘artisan’ philosophy has been a part of the sensibilities and culture of Lunenburg since its inception in 1753––originally focused on the fine schooners that graced the town’s harbour and the famous wooden homes and structures that still make Lunenburg the visibly spectacular place it is today. More recently this philosophy has been extended to the art, music and food scene that Lunenburg is fast becoming known for.

BLCK|CRFT is proud to apply its craft and artisan philosophy to small batch brewing in the heart of Lunenburg’s waterfront district. Leveraging the best of Nova Scotia, BLCK|CRFT aims to produce cider, beer and spirits as unique as our town.


Lunenburg has the distinct honour of being a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This honour is reserved for locations of unique, cultural significance or natural beauty. Lunenburg is one of two, urban World Heritage Sites in continental North America (Old Quebec is the other).

The town achieved UNESCO distinction for its well-planned conception as a fishing village and the remarkable conservation of its original town-centre: a colonial harbour-settlement with impressive wooden architecture. In short Lunenburg is the world’s best-preserved, British-colonial fishing village.

Today, Lunenburg is a destination for great food, celebrated art and of course the waterfront. BLCK|CRFT has the honour of being located in the heart of the Town’s waterfront district.


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